The Dan Dakich Show – Dan reacts to USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten, Jason Benetti talks ramific…


(0:00-24:16) – Dan is back to close out the week with his reactions to USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten and what it means for college athletics. Plus, where does Notre Dame stand in all of this and should they attempt to join one of the conferences. Also, are we headed towards two mega conferences in college football and if so who gets left out?

(29:46-48:49) –WIBC’s Jason Hammer of Hammer and Nigel joins the show to give his thoughts on the state of college athletics following USC/UCLA’s move to the Big Ten and what’s next for big fish like Notre Dame. Later, we look at the expectations to for

(54:13-57:07) –The first hour of the show closes with Dan sharing what he plans to discuss with Kevin Bowen regarding the NFL next season.

(1:02:10-1:22:22) –The Fan’s own Kevin Bowen of Kevin & Query joins the program to react to USC/UCLA to the Big Ten and what it means for Notre Dame, college football as a whole, and March Madness. KB also chats with Dan on Pro Football Focus’ NFL power rankings and where the Colts are listed. Later, KB shares his thoughts on the Pacers post draft and reflects on the interview he and Jake did with Pacers General Manager Chad Buchanan.

(1:28:04-1:43:10) – The outgoing president of Indiana Sports Corp the great Ryan Vaughn stops by to look back at all of the fantastic events they helped bring to Indianapolis during his tenure. Plus, breaking news regarding the Indiana Pacers.

(1:48:08-1:58:05) – Dan dives deeper into what the Malcolm Brogdon trade means for the Pacers to end the second hour of the show.

(2:03:12-2:25:21– The great Jason Benetti, the TV Voice of the Chicago White Sox, joins the program to chat with Dan about whether Benetti enjoys fruity drinks. Also, Jason talks on whether or not he is a picky eater. Additionally, Benetti updates us on the White Sox and reveals the MLB ball park he’s finally checking off his list. Later, Dan and Jason discuss the ramifications on college athletics from USC-UCLA joining the Big Ten.

(2:30:40-2:43:00) –Our pal Alan Cashman of hands out his best bets for 4th of July Weekend.

(2:48:20-2:54:41) – Friday’s show concludes with Dan asking show producer Jimmy Cook for the JCook Plays of the Day. Plus, Dan give his final thoughts on the Brogdon trade, the future of college athletics and wishes everybody a wonderful 4th of July Weekend.

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