Oregon's U.S. Senator Ron Wyden on Green Energy, Cannabis and Big Tech


For this week’s “Bend Don’t Break” podcast we talk with Oregon’s U.S. Senator Ron Wyden who has been representing the state in Washington, D.C. for forty years. As he begins his tenure as the chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Wyden discusses his plans for investment in renewable energy and a 21st Century Civilian Conservation Core. Wyden comments on his commitment to fight for federal legalization of marijuana, especially in light of Oregon’s robust cannabis industry. We also ask Wyden about his thoughts on Section 230, the famous law that he authored twenty years ago. It shields Big Tech from liability based on its user’s posts. Critics on the left say social media companies should be responsible for the incitement of violence and hate speech, while those on the right believe the law allows social media companies to censor right-wing ideologies.

Listen to more from Ron Wyden on this week’s episode of “Bend Don’t Break,” hosted by the Source Weekly’s publisher Aaron Switzer and co-hosted by Laurel Brauns. Every week, we feature a guest from the community with a new perspective on living through the COVID-19 pandemic including mental health professionals, economists, educators, artists, business people, local leaders and historians.


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