Meet the KORG Pa5X


Meet the next generation of KORG’s Professional Arranger, Pa5X. Product Manager Luciano Minetti discusses the completely redesigned sound engine, a color driven user interface, more performance features, more expressivity, and more of what you expect from a flagship arranger. Plus, you can choose from three key configurations, including a new 88-note weighted action, to suit any playing situation.

All sounds, styles, backing music, and performances heard in this video are made from Pa5X.

To hear more sounds of the Pa5X follow the link below:

Video Chapters:
00:00 Meet the Pa5X
01:00 Premium Quality and Size Configurations
01:39 Sequencer & Mixer Section
02:56 Graphical Interface & Effects
04:32 Matrix Section & Connectivity
06:23 Sounds & Styles
11:32 Sampling
12:05 Vocal Processor

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