Manufacturing, Innovation & Supply Chain in Oregon with GOP rep Jessica Gomez #shorts #youtubeshorts


Jessica Gomez is a business leader and running as a Republican candidate for governor. Born in New York, she relocated to the Southern Oregon with her family at a young age where she later experienced family issues and homelessness. Jessica overcame these tough circumstances and moved on to found and serve as CEO of a successful semiconductor company that now employs nearly 30 people. She also serves on the board of trustees of the Oregon Institute of Technology and a number of other Southern Oregon community organizations. Jessica identified as a Democrat until the mid-2010s but is running on the platform of self-described “moderate” Republican who believes she can unify the state (and electorate) with her pro-business and education reform agenda. We have a wide ranging conversation and discuss everything from critical race theory to semiconductors and geopolitical competition with China (Alex finally got his China question). We also talk about what it means for Jessica to be the only major gubernatorial candidate who is a person of color and what a GOP agenda for racial justice might look like.


EP 1. Wlnsvey Campos
EP 2. Alek skarlatos
EP 3. Kevin Frazier, CIPP(US)
EP 4. Lori Chavez-DeRemer
EP 5. Christine Drazan
EP 6. Jamie McLeod-Skinner
EP 7. Matt Sutton
EP 8. Dallas Heard
EP 9. Tobias Read
EP 10. Micah Meadowcroft & Nate Hochman
EP 11. Stan Pulliam
EP 12. Cliff Bentz
EP 13. Dacia Grayber
EP 14. Lori Chavez-DeRemer (OB BREAKING NEWS)
EP 15. Nicholas Prelosky & James Ball
EP 16. Sara Gelser
EP 17. Susheela Jayapal
EP 18. Casey Kulla
EP 19. Dr. Bud Pierce
EP 20. Ben & Alex
EP 21. Katherine Gehl
EP 22. Bridget Barton
EP 23. Val Hoyle
EP 24. Buddy Terry
EP 26. Amaury Vogel
EP 27. Reagan Knopp
EP 28. Ben Bowman
EP 29. Dirk VanderHart
EP 30. Ben & Alex
EP 31. Jessica Gomez

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