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Waves explode along the cliffs near Charleston on the Southern Oregon Coast in November 2021. [Photo by Tina Edwards/via Flickr]

Eight- to 10-foot king tides are expected to hit the Oregon Coast over Thanksgiving weekend.

Every winter, tides on the Oregon Coast get higher than other times of the year. They occur when the moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth; the Earth’s orbit is closest to the sun; and the sun, moon and Earth are in alignment. This alignment increases their gravitational pull, which affects the tides, according to

The official term is perigean tides, otherwise known as king tides, and they occur every winter. The latest set of king tides is expected over the entire holiday weekend, from Nov. 24-26.

This winter, the Oregon King Tides Project (, is partnering with Oregon Coast Visitors Association and Oregon Sea Grant to host a photo contest of king tides photos submitted during the 2022-2023 winter season.

This year, there are four categories of photos up for prizes: coastal flooding, coastal erosion, waves and comparison (average high tide vs. king tide). Winners will be chosen in early February based on which best showcase the impacts of high water along the Oregon Coast.

To view photo finalists from last season’s contest, see

For information on how to participate, see

While the tides can be exciting for wave watchers, the waves can be extremely dangerous for people who get too close. Officials on the coast advise people to stay off the beach at high tide, stay out of the surf and steer clear of drift logs and jetties.

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