In-N-Out Quarantine 10th Birthday Party


What unusual things have you done to celebrate a birthday this year? Read below how we had an In-N-Out birthday!
In-N-Out Birthday
Just over a month ago, my youngest turned ten years old. We were in full-blown quarantine, so we had to come up with something creative for him. I asked him what he wanted to do, given that activities were so limited. He had one fun idea – head to the In-N-Out for take out, then play games in the back yard. 

Prior to last year Oregon only had two In-N-Out burger restaurants. One in Medford and one in Grants Pass. As you know I have family in Grants Pass, so every time I go down there I make sure I order for the kids and transport them in a large Costco insulated bag to keep them semi-warm. It’s always been a treat. 


In-N-Out Birthday:

Then In-N-Out opened in Keizer. It’s only about a 30-minute drive from our house and we hadn’t visited yet, as the lines were super long. However, when in quarantine with nothing else to do, why not?In-N-Out-BirthdayIn-N-Out Birthday

Anika, my eldest, stayed behind to surprise Noah, the birthday boy, with decorations. The rest of us drove over and spent an hour and a half in line waiting.

Anika made Noah an amazing burger and fries cake – homemade cake, brownie mix in the middle, covered in colored fondant and store-bought pound cake fries. She spent so much time working on it and it looked amazing! 


She also made an adorable In-N-Out sign from the Lite-Brite that I bought on Amazon last year for her sweet sixteen party. 

In-N-Out Birthday

The best part about the evening was the extra surprise that we planned for Noah. We hadn’t seen any family in nearly two months, but – I asked a few members that I thought would be okay coming over and social distancing. Noah was so excited to see them when we came back!


Plus I bought him a pretty sweet scooter that he has had so much fun with. 

In-N-Out Birthday

So, that’s how Noah’s 10th birthday party went. It was certainly a memorable one. 

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