HUGE DECLINE in homebuyers across Austin, Seattle, Boston and 3 OTHER CITIES! Could the Housing Bubble in these cities be turning into a Housing Crash?

Real-time Data from Redfin is showing this decline. This data tracks the level of homebuyer interest in different cities across America. They report the number of people looking to move into a metro to buy a House, minus the amount looking to move out.

Redfin Data: https://www.redfin.com/news/data-center/migration/

The cities seeing the biggest decline in homebuyer search interest include:

1) Seattle: -13k decline in the number of net home buyers looking to move into the Seattle Housing Market. Seattle has been consistently losing buyers the last several quarters, but now it’s in the overdrive.

2) Boston: -9k decline in the Boston metro, a region which is historically positive but has turned negative in the last several quarters.

3) Austin: the Austin Housing Market still has more people looking to move in than out, but the surge that occurred during the pandemic has abated.

4) Los Angeles: net flow of nearly -40k in Q4 2021 according to this Redfin data. Los Angeles has always been a market that loses homebuyers, but now the exodus is shifting into overdrive.

5) San Jose / San Francisco: -49k net flow at the end of 2021 is the worst of any metro area in America, and -7k lower than the previous year.

Meanwhile, markets such as Miami, San Antonio, and San Diego are experienced increases in homebuyer search at the end of 2021.

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0:00 Where is the 2022 Housing Bubble?
2:08 Homebuyers are FLEEING These Cities (Austin, Boston, Seattle)
4:08 -16,000 in Seattle Housing Market in Q4 2021
5:03 Remember THIS: Predicting the 2022 Housing Market
6:14 Austin Real Estate Market is back to Pre-Pandemic Levels
8:05 Los Angeles is at -40,000. Housing Crash Coming?
10:19 New York City Housing Market Bounceback in 2022?
11:21 Miami is BOOMING! The #1 Homebuyer Market
12:56 Other Florida Housing Markets: Tampa, Cape Coral
13:47 San Antonio is the TOP MARKET in Texas? (Dallas, too)
14:54 Las Vegas HOUSING BUBBLE Grows Bigger
18:01 Taking Your REQUESTS! (Minneapolis, Houston)
19:56 Portland, OR is seeing a Homebuyer CRASH!
21:00 San Diego is Doing OKAY. No Housing Bubble?
21:50 Charlotte & Atlanta are Seeing a Slowdown
24:14 Florida Real Estate is Still Booming (Jacksonville, Orlando)
26:35 Sacramento is Worrisome. So Much Bay Area Demand.
29:25 Phoenix AZ Homebuyers Still Going Strong
30:32 Oklahoma City is the NEXT Boomtown in America
31:25 The Bay Area / Northern California is SINKING
32:53 Redfin’s Real-Time Migration Data

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