Hollywood Theatre’s ‘micro-cinema’ at Portland International Airport set to open again


The Hollywood Theatre at Portland International Airport is about to reopen.

The “micro-cinema,” which launched in February 2017 and then shut down three years later when the coronavirus pandemic hit, will relaunch in a new location at the airport, near Gate C-13.

The theater’s return heralds big changes coming to the airport, including the addition of two new concourses.

PDX Main Terminal

The new Main Terminal under construction at Portland International Airport is scheduled to open in 2025. (ZGF.com)

The biggest change in the works is a new main terminal, scheduled to open in 2025. The renovated space promises to be “a park-like environment filled with live trees, understory ferns and dappled rays pouring in from the overhead skylights,” the airport’s website states.

The reworked Concourse C, where the 22-seat theater can be found, will feature shops as well as varied dining areas “inspired by Portland’s cafe scene.”

The airport theater, which reopens on Monday, shows short films that are either made by Oregon artists or feature Pacific Northwest themes. The full-scale Hollywood Theatre on NE Sandy Blvd., meanwhile, offers both classic and first-run feature-length movies, among other programming.

— Douglas Perry



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