Here’s what $700,000 buys you in Denver vs. elsewhere


DENVER (KDVR) — Denver-area homebuyers could purchase twice as much house space for the same price elsewhere in the country, according to real estate records.

Of the country’s 187 largest metro areas, homes in Colorado’s cities cost in the 90th percentile in terms of dollars per square foot.

Homes in Boulder sold for a median of $859,000 in the first quarter of 2022. Homes in the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metro sold for $662,000, and homes in Ft. Collins for $602,000. Colorado Springs homes were slightly cheaper at a median of $445,000.

According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, most of Colorado’s cities land in the top 10% of the nation in terms of price per square foot.

In the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metro, buyers pay a median of $292 per square foot. This means a median-priced Denver area home runs 2,267 square feet.

For the same price, homebuyers can buy hundreds and even thousands more square feet of living space.

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, a home priced at Denver’s median price would get 2,700 square feet. A similarly-priced home in Pendleton, Oregon, would run 3,300 square feet. A Pocatello, Idaho, home would run 3,740 square feet.

Some Southern locations would offer twice the square footage of a Denver home for the same price. A home in Huntsville, Texas, would offer just under 4,200 square feet, and a Jackson, Mississippi, home 5,000.

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