Exposing the Chinese Regime's Hidden Crime; China's Influence on the World Economic Forum


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Tesla is feeling the pain, stemming from its operations in China. Its factories there have easy access to the world’s biggest car market, but sales have taken a major hit amid local lockdown orders.

How widespread is Beijing’s influence? A senior editor talks about his experiences at the World Economic Forum.

Diplomats from five countries face off in Beijing. The in-person meeting was held at a top Chinese university, and attendees included the United States and Russia.

A Chinese woman says her father was killed in China as part of Beijing’s persecution of a peaceful meditation system—and that seeing his body after death revealed what really happened.

In an undercover call, a Chinese medical staff member admits to organ harvesting at a hospital—focused on prisoners of conscience.

00:00 Intro
01:00 #Tesla Deliveries Fall Amid China’s COVID-19 Shutdown
02:28 China’s Influence on the World Economic Forum
05:19 Exposing the Chinese Regime’s Hidden Crime
08:22 Forced Organ Harvesting Continues in China: NGO
11:52 Western Ambassadors in China Criticize Russia

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Exposing the Chinese Regime’s Hidden Crime; China’s Influence on the World Economic Forum
#WEF #ChinaRussia
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