Appointed Redmond City Councilor Cat Zwicker to seek full term


REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Cat Zwicker announced Thursday that she will be seeking a full term on the Redmond City Council in the fall election.

Zwicker has served on the City Council since December 2021, when she was appointed to fill a vacancy. She now seeks a full four-year term in the November 2022 election. Prior to her Council appointment, Zwicker served on the Redmond Urban Planning Commission. A Realtor, she owns and operates Desert Sky Real Estate in Redmond, and is currently the president of the Central Oregon Association of Realtors. 

Zwicker, a 20-year resident of Redmond, cited rising cost of living in Redmond as the reason she wants to continue to serve: 

“People in Redmond are being crushed by rising gas, food, and housing prices. As a small business owner and a Realtor, I understand this skyrocketing cost of living is unsustainable for families and businesses alike. As I have on the City Council and Planning Commission, my top priority will be to drive down housing prices by increasing supply and avoiding unnecessary city red tape. The City of Redmond can’t fix inflation on its own, but we must do our part to help in those areas we can,” Zwicker said. 

Zwicker also wants Redmond to retain its unique characteristics as a family-friendly, tightknit community: 

“Redmond’s population has doubled since I moved here in 2000. And while things have changed, we have retained our unique role in Central Oregon as a great place to work, live, and raise a family. To retain our character as a community, we need to keep our residents safe and address the growing homelessness crisis. We only need to look to Portland to see how to fail with respect to those issues. Redmond needs its own solutions, based on our values as a community,” Zwicker said. 


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