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Imagine your life is actually a fairy tale and you, yes you, play a key role in this illuminating story. What follows is an age-old yarn about love, its all-too-common challenges and the magical route back home to peace…

Once upon a time, in the Village of Peace in the Oregoneous Region of Heavenly Love, there lived two of the most wonderful people in the entire Universe: Prince Alfonso and Princess Esmeralda.


You are one of these ever-evolving characters—pick one and subsequently you can change characters whenever you wish.

People asked, “How did Esmeralda and Alfonso become such exceptional human beings?”

Doesn’t every single one of us, at the deepest level, have a desire to be a kind, generous, dedicated, joyful and humble person? Soak in these words and allow their transcendent vibrations to sing out to your beautiful soul.

You are kind, humble, generous, joyful, dedicated, and confident.

At our essence, that is who we are.

Is it a straight shot from then to now?


Is there a guarantee?

There is no guarantee.

Esmeralda and Alfonso did not always have these exceptional human qualities, at least not at the observable level. These two young souls grew up on opposite sides of the rugged Cascadilious Mountain Range in Central Oregon—Esmeralda to the east facing the morning sunrise and Alfonso to the west, facing the sun dipping below the endless horizon. Each was coming to realize that this early journey was only Part One of a lifetime of perpetual ascension.

Our two characters were both on adventures to discover who they always had been and would eventually become. There were rumblings that had been difficult to ignore but too faint to comprehend. Our young players didn’t know they would ever meet each other in this lifetime, yet they knew something about something, they just didn’t know what or when or how…but they knew.

We all know.

In their early teenage years, things weren’t going quite right for either Esmeralda or Alfonso. On either side of the mountain range, up was down and down was up. Tomorrow was turning out to be less than each one thought it should be. Could be. Would be. Were their dark yesterdays to become the precursors of their unraveling futures?

No. No. No.

They knew their mysterious futures were heading toward the mountains, toward one another, toward the light. And on the exact same day in mid-June these two spirits took off up their own side of the mountain, backpacks loaded, sensing their new lives would soon unfold.

These two transformations, Alfonso’s and Esmeralda’s, would help revolutionize, yes revolutionize, this very moment and from this moment until forever.

These young youngsters were leaders. True leaders.

Are you?

Yes, you are!

Joyful wisdom was mysteriously and assuredly finding its way home. Their hikes were rocky and steep. The days were long and the sun shined in Alfonso’s eyes as he traveled east and in Esmeralda’s eyes as she headed toward the west. Each one smiled softly, knowing magic was in their near futures. Each one was moving closer to home than ever before. Each one was saying goodbye at the very same time they were saying hello.

On their third day out, their eyes lit up and they almost couldn’t see. They were dazzled by the light.

“I think I see you,” shouted Alfonso.

“I think I see you, too,” answered Esmeralda.

“I think we see each other, finally, at last!” they both shouted to the heavens, to the stars, to each other. Over and over and over!

We see each other, finally!

I am now you and you are now me.

We are ONE.

How could that be?

Each one saw an inkling of what always had been.

Alfonso and Esmeralda were ONE—

“I am not only me. I am an angel, too.”

“And you are not only you. You are also an angel.”

Everyone, when we come to accept what we’ve always known

deep, deep down inside…

We know what always was and will always be.

You, me and all of us, forever.

Thank you, Alfonzo.

Thank you, Esmeralda.

Thank you, everybody…thank you!

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