3 Hacks you Need to Know


One of the most intimidating parts of pregnancy as a blogger, is the dreaded SECOND TRIMESTER baby bump. It’s kind of crazy how long the awkward stage last where you feel (and some of us also look) like we’ve eaten too much dairy or swalled a burrito whole, ha!

After carefully perusing some of my favorite bloggers online, as well as some stylish celebrities, I caught onto these three tips that will save you from too many “I have nothing to wear” days ahead.

1. Rethinking your silhouettes and bring up your waist line on everything!

With a disappearing waistline, you’ll find yourself relieved to see that the babydoll silhouette remains quite popular for dresses and tops if you want to buy something new. A-line skirts with a bit of stretch work magic to accentuate your bump early one as well. If you want to rework what you have, pull skirts up and tuck them into your bra and then pair it with a crop top.

2. Size up one or two sizes on everything.

This is a great tip, because you won’t feel stuffed like a sausage and you have more room to play with t-shirts, skirts (placing them higher helps).

3. Rework your t-shirts and button downs as crop tops.

This is perhaps my favorite hack, because it’s so easy to use what you already have in your closet. Button downs can be tied wherever you need them in order to add versatility to your growing belly.

Anyhow, I hope you find these hacks helpful! Pictured here, I’m wearing a regular skirt sized up one size with a crop top to accentuate my bump.


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