🌱 Portland Hires More Police + Gonzalez’s Fines Remain


Grab on to something, people, we’re barreling into the weekend at unsafe speeds! Or maybe that’s just a standard Saturday. Today, we’ve got:

  • Betsy Johnson caring about Portland
  • So many Oktoberfests
  • The freakin’ Portland Marathon is back

Fasten your face masks, we’re diving right into the day!

But first, today’s weather:

The summer heat comes back with this sunny day and a high of 86.

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Here are the top stories today in Portland:

  1. It seems that our police shortage has improved somewhat. In just two months, the Portland Police Bureau has hired four lateral police officers ready to hit the ground running. “Getting four through in a few-month period was a Herculean kind of lift by our personnel office,” said Aaron Schmautz, the president of the Portland Police Association. Some residents, however, wonder if any officer can be prepared for patrolling this city.(KATU)
  2. Glad to know you’re thinking of us, Betsy. The governor’s race comes to the Lents neighborhood, where unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson told voters that the neighborhood is “ground zero” for lawlessness in Portland. “Oregon cannot succeed if Portland fails and Portland right now, by every measure, is failing and I think there is a state interest in making this city work,” she said. (KOIN.com)
  3. Portland is desperately trying to bulk up its police force, but some wonder whether more police officers mean less gun violence. Given the upcoming election in November, two candidates were asked this very question: City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty and her opponent in the Nov. 8 election, small-business owner and lawyer Rene Gonzalez. The two gave very different answers. (Willamette Week)
  4. How easy has it been to get your pet seen by a veterinarian? I know it hasn’t been easy for me, and local vets aren’t blind to the problem. Earlier this week, leaders in the veterinary industry gathered in Portland to discuss solutions for some of the biggest issues facing animal healthcare. Portland hosted the Veterinary Innovation Summit where veterinarians attended a CEO-led panel and informational sessions about the future landscape of caring for animals. (KOIN)
  5. Sorry, Rene Gonzalez, your fine still stands. The City of Portland has denied a request from city council candidate Rene Gonzalez for reconsideration of a $77,140 fine leveled against his campaign last week. The city’s Small Donor Elections program issued the fine Sept. 21, stating that Gonzalez illegally secured a heavily discounted lease for his campaign’s downtown office from Schnitzer Properties Management. The building’s owner, Jordan Schnitzer, previously donated directly to the Gonzalez campaign. (KGW.com)

Today in Portland:

From my notebook:

  • Portland Audubon: “Portland Audubon is proud to endorse and serve on the steering committee for the renewal Metro Parks and Nature Levy which will appear on the November Ballot as Measure 26-225. We need your help to ensure that this measure passes! Meas…” (Portland Audubon via Instagram)
  • This was news to me, but, evidently, October is Textiles Month. For the fifth time, the annual Portland TextileX Month Festival will brighten spaces and open up studios throughout October to display a wide variety of fiber creations, from fine art to fashion. This year’s theme: Regeneration. To regrow, be renewed or be restored, especially after being damaged or lost. (The Oregonian)
  • The Portland Marathon is this Sunday, and if you need to get around town, you may want to avoid some areas. The Portland Marathon and Half Marathon both start at 7:10 Sunday morning, crossing various downtown bridges. Most of the marathon activities are expected to be finished by 2 p.m. However, street and bridge closures along the route may be in effect way past the stated time. (KGW)
  • There was Leverage, Grimm, The Librarians, Stumptown and, now, So Help Me Todd. These are all television shows set in Portland. The latest one, So Help Me Todd, premiered on Thursday on CBS. Being the Portland-phile that I am, I know I’ll be checking it out. Just wanted to pass the info on to you. (The Oregonian)
  • Although it may sound like a load of bull, a recent study reveals that people in Portland are less likely to curse than those in other major American cities. Preply, a firm that provides online language training, polled 1,500 people from 30 major U.S. locations to determine who swears the most and who swears the least. The analysis by Preply found that swearing is used on average 14 times per day in Portland. The Rose City is now tied with Phoenix as the city with the fewest curses. Who uses the most curses? Columbus, Ohio. (KPTV)
  • Do you want a free tree for your yard? Because the city is giving them away! Portland is giving away 2,000 this fall at 6 different events. Planting trees in yards keeps us and our homes cool during the hottest months and helps collect stormwater during the winter. They also clean the air, buffer noise, reduce crime and improve our mental and physical health. Check out their eligibility requirements and register to receive your tree. (Portland.Gov)

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There’s your Saturday, my friends. There’s more than enough fun to go around. Whether you’re raising a stein for Oktoberfest or planting your new tree, I hope your weekend is fantastic. Celebrate yourself, Portland, just remember to stay humble.

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